Renovation (also called remodeling) is the process of improving a structure. Renovations are typically either commercial or residential. Additionally, renovation can refer to making something new, or bringing something back to life. This is the core of our business. Our diverse expertise includes but is not limited to: total home renovations; room additions; historical restoration and building preservation; kitchen and bath remodels; interior and exterior painting, siding and other finishes; window and door installations; sun rooms and much more.

Commercial Buildouts

A successful commercial remodeling project should make the location look more attractive and welcoming, while also increasing efficiency and comfort for employees. Barton Thiel Renovations will guide you through the entire remodeling process from concept to completion. We will make your space an environment that you and your customers love. With many satisfied customers being serviced on short notice we have gained a reputation for being there when other commercial remodeling contractors have been unavailable while maintaining quality, dependability and minimizing disruption to regular business operations.

Storm Remediation & Restoration

Hurricanes, tornadoes, strong winds and heavy rains can leave a wide variety of storm damage in their aftermath. Barton Thiel renovations acts fast to protect homes and other structures from further damage following a storm. These services include: tree/debris removal, water extraction and drying, and temporary board up/covering of the damaged areas. After the structure is secure, we can begin to repair or replace the exterior and interior areas damaged by the storm returning the home back to as good as new condition.

Interior & Exterior Painting

We have extensive experience in interior painting, wallpaper removal, and drywall repair. Our clients will find our prices reasonable, our service fast and the quality and attention paid to your home far above normal standards. Careful attention is always given to surface preparation as well as the protection of furnishings and possessions during all of the work in your home. Our craftsmen are committed to your satisfaction, realizing that in a service oriented business our only job security comes from satisfied customers who call us in the future and also refer us to their friends, coworkers and associates. Whether it is the painting of one room or an entire home, all of our projects are viewed in the same manner, an investment in our future and our client's complete satisfaction.

Masonry & Tiling

Most important to our customers is our extensive jobsite experience and our understanding of both the potential, and the limitations, of the tile, masonry and paving materials we use. Barton Thiel Renovations has expertise in custom masonry, stone, and tile installation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship, while making the experience of working with our experienced team one that builds confidence in the structure of your project. offers a comprehensive range of masonry services to our commercial and residential clients- all delivered with excellence. Whether you’re looking to restore a timeless piece of history or modernize a space with a contemporary look we have you covered.

Custom Carpentry

At the backbone of any construction project are carpentry skills. Barton is an actual Master Carpenter in the field and still is. Before starting Barton Thiel Renovations Bart was a full time finish carpenter working with/for a variety of high end general contractors in and around the Metro Atlanta Area. Bart’s vast knowledge and skills outside of carpentry led him to where he is now in the position of utilizing all his trade skills and overseeing complete construction projects. Cabinets, entertainment centers, built in bookcases, bars, window seats, custom storage solutions, are just a few of the many carpentry services we provide to our customers.


Latest News

Building Materials

As builders and remodeling contractors look ahead to 2015, what materials are they likely to choose? Of the new building products cited by architects, builders, designers, and marketers as the ones to watch in 2015, many are technically not “new.” They are materials and products that have been on the market but are just catching on or are long-time favorites with enough staying power to remain top choices for 2015. What most of them have in common, however, are two things: energy-efficiency and sustainability.

The Market

General strengthening in the housing market over the past 18 months is translating into increased spending on home improvements, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) released today by our Remodeling Futures Program. Remodeling contractors have been reporting improving market conditions for the past four quarters, and are seeing strength in future market indicators.

Kitchen Island

Dreaming of adding an island when you remodel your kitchen? You’re not alone. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 76 percent of potential home buyers considered a central island either desirable or essential to a kitchen. Practical and attractive, islands can provide open prep and serving space, handy appliance placement, storage, and seating—ideal for casual entertaining. And no matter what your budget is, there’s probably an option available that will fit your needs, as long as you take the time to size it right, pick the best surfacing, and choose features you’ll really use.

Our Project Skills

Carpentry 90%
Repairs 40%
Design 80%
Woodworking 75%
Custom Cabinetry 90%
Restoration 40%
Roofing 20%
Painting 60%
Tile and Masonry 40%
Support and Service 100%

Support & Service

At At Barton Thiel Renovations we take pride in our outstanding customer support. It’s a commitment we make at the start of each and every project. Whether you leave us a voice mail, send us an email or are awaiting a project cost bid, you can expect a quick response and prompt results. Rest assured, we strive for on-time delivery whether it’s delivery of your proposal or “delivery” of your completed project. Count on us for quality and timeliness! Our focus is on high-end quality work, we offer a one year warranty on all work and satisfaction guaranteed! We don’t just want the job. We want your business.A happy customer is a customer for life. Communicating with our customer is the #1 priority on our list! A confident and happy customer is our #1 source of referral business.

We’ve structured our entire business from the ground up to ensure that your renovation project is as hands-free and worry-free as you’d like it to be, starting from the very beginning with the consultation and quote. We know exactly what questions to ask to prepare a clear, detailed quote so you know exactly what to expect. The process of renovating a home or business is just as complex and detailed as building a custom home. During the renovation process, you can trust that your home will be in good hands from start to finish, but we realize it can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. We maintain a fanatical devotion to quality workmanship, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure your new space is as beautiful as it is practical. Barton Thiel Renovations can bring virtually any design to life. So go ahead. Dream big. Dream bold. We’ll make it happen.

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